Sunday, August 12, 2012

because being 16 isn't so sweet.

Dear readers,  

   Not that it matters, but it was my birthday four days ago.

   It was a good day. For the majority of the time I was left to my own devices, and my friends and I ended up joining forces at the local Tim Horton's to plot the rest of the day. One of my best friends called from a different province, and we had a good chat about random crap, as usual.
   Random crap is always good.

   Although it was fun (and probably the best birthday I've had, which is actually a bit depressing considering I did practically nothing), I expected something different.

   I did not expect a big party or anything, like Sam in Sixteen Candles, because that's really not my scene at all. It's just that, like Sam, I expected to feel different. To automatically wake up and feel better about myself, to have ambition and drive and the mindset of a young woman and this indistinct aura of CHANGE about me. Obviously, that didn't happen. And obviously, that never will happen, because I've realized too late that the only thing that changes on your birthday is your age. You as a person do not transform into this new, confident, all-knowing version of yourself.
   Which is sad.
   And I wish I just felt something different.

   However, this guy never fails to cheer me up no matter how down I'm feeling.
   Jon Cozart is great.

   And just because, here's literally the best medley ever. It's about all the so-bad-they're-good movie villains. It's also on iTunes, and includes the ever famous VOLDEMORT. Check it.

I swear, someday I will marry this man.

   The wishful-thinking angry bird

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